Pollyn is Genevieve Artadi, Anthony Cava, and Adam Jay Weissman, three L.A. natives who create moody electronic pop music. 

Their first full-length album, This Little Night, was released Feb 10, 2009 on itunes, Amazon, and emusic.

Pulling influences from soul, prog-rock, jazz, and electronic music, Pollyn’s sound is hard to categorize, yet familiar.

Pollyn has done official remixes for:

Gorillaz (DARE Pollyn remix)
Buffalo Daughter (Socks, Drugs & Rock n’ Roll sample208 remix)
Liquid Liquid (Optimo sample208 remix) 

Featured on Urb’s Next 100 list for 2007

Band member Adam Jay Weissman also goes by the name Sample208.

Pollyn’s music has been featured in ABC’s Life As You Know It, the indie film This Girl’s Life, and in designer Jeremy Scott’s web series.


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