May 20, 2012


Built to Spill is an indie rock band based in Boise, Idaho, United States. The band is best known for its catchy guitar hooks and the unique voice of frontman Doug Martsch.

Former Treepeople frontman Doug Martsch formed Built to Spill in 1992 with Brett Netson and Ralf Youtz as the band’s original members. In an interview with Spin magazine, Martsch stated that he intended to change the band’s lineup for every album, with Martsch being the only permanent member. After the band’s first album, Ultimate Alternative Wavers (1993), the lineup changing idea held true, as both Netson and Youtz were replaced by Brett Nelson (not Netson) and Andy Capps for 1994’s There’s Nothing Wrong With Love. A compilation album called The Normal Years, consisting of recordings by both the first and second trios, was released in 1996. Between recording albums in 1995, the band gained notoriety by playing on the Lollapalooza tour.

Martsch signed Built To Spill to the Warner Brothers label in 1995. Unlike many artists signed to major labels, however, the deal the band brokered with Warner allowed it to retain a large degree of creative control over future albums. Built to Spill produced its first major label release in 1997 with Perfect From Now On. By this time, the band consisted of Martsch, Nelson, Netson, and Scott Plouf. Perfect From Now On met with critical success and caused Built To Spill to become one of the United States’ most recognizable indie rock bands. Before releasing another album, Martsch made Nelson and Plouf permanent members of the band. In 1999, the band released Keep It Like a Secret to continued critical success, and for the first time, significant commercial success. In response to fan requests, the Live album was released in 2000. The band’s fifth studio album, Ancient Melodies of the Future, was released in 2001. Martsch also released Now You Know, a solo album with both blues and folk elements, in 2002. After 2002, Warner Bros. records signed the band to another album.

Built To Spill did not tour as a band in 2002 although Doug Martsch performed numerous solo concerts in support of his solo album. From 2003 to 2005, Built To Spill toured extensively with over 150 live performances, playing new songs live as early as 2004. In 2004, the band confirmed rumors that they had recorded another studio album in Portland, OR, titled You In Reverse. The album was not released in 2005 due to difficulties associated with the use of a new recording facility, inefficiencies associated with self-producing the album and time constraints. You In Reverse, the first studio album in five years, was released on April 11, 2006. The band’s official lineup for the album featured Martsch, Nelson, Plouf, and Jim Roth, who was formerly a touring guitarist only. Former band member Brett Netson provided guitar work on several songs, Quasi’s Sam Coomes provided keyboard work and Steve Lobdell, the owner of the Portland studio, plays on almost every song for the album including guitar, piano, vibes and percussion. Netson rejoined Built To Spill as an official member in 2006 after touring with the band in 2005.

The band announced an April/May 2006 tour in February 2006 in support of the new album. In late March 2006, however, frontman Doug Martsch suffered a detached retina that required surgery, causing the band to cancel its appearance at the South by Southwest music festival and postpone several of their tour dates. The band rescheduled the April and May tour dates in the fall, but most June dates on the West were not postponed. At their June 3, 2006 show, their first of the 2006 tour, Built to Spill played four unreleased songs that were not included on You In Reverse. This show also included the dedication of the song “Car” to former band member Andy Capps who had passed away a few weeks earlier that would continue throughout the tour.

In July 2007, Built To Spill released a new 12” vinyl single with two reggae-esque tracks, “They Got Away” and “Re-Arrange”. According to Doug Martsch, BTS is not becoming a reggae band, they just “love to play it”.

In 2009 Nelson replayed and recorded one song off of each full length Built To Spill album in “”New Wave circa 1982” style with analogue synthesizers and a drum machine having Martsch resing all of the songs and released it July 2010 through CDBABY,Itunes and Junketboy as The Electronic Anthology Project.Nelson’s son (Nicholas) did the art/layout with the titles reworked as anagrams by his wife (Stephanie) he plans on future projects under the same moniker redoing other bands music.

Doug Martsch and original BTS drummer Ralf Youtz are also founding members of the much-loved, but short-lived, band the Halo Benders, with Calvin Johnson.

Youtz and Martsch are also brothers-in-law. (Martsch is married to Youtz’s sister).

Ralf Youtz was leader of the Portland, Oregon band Ape Shape. He went on to pursue a Ph.D. in Mathematics.

Bret Netson is leader of the influential art/metal Boise band Caustic Resin, which put out a split 10” with BTS in 1995. That album has two different cover photos because a found photo was used without permission for the original version, but the photographer later found out and objected.

May 15, 2012


Band of Horses, known early in its life simply as Horses, is an Indie band formed in Seattle and later moved to Charleston, South Carolina, United States by Ben Bridwell, Mat Brooke, Tim Meinig and Chris Early. Creighton Barret and Rob Hampton Later replaced Meinig and Early and in February 2006 Joe Arnone joined the troupe. They are currently signed to Fat Possum Records.

Band of Horses was formed by Ben Bridwell (guitar, vocals) and Mat Brooke (guitar) in 2004 after the break-up of their previous band, Carissa’s Wierd. Rob and Creighton were formerly of the mathrock band The New Mexicans before joining Band of Horses. The group initially got attention from Sub Pop Records after opening for Iron & Wine in Seattle area shows. In 2005, the band released their debut EP, Band Of Horses Tour EP, which was sold exclusively at shows and on Sub Pop’s website. Their debut full-length, Everything All the Time was recorded in 2005 with producer Phil Ek and released on March 21, 2006 to generally good reviews.

On July 13, 2006, Band of Horses appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman sans Brooke. As of July 25, 2006, Mat Brooke left Band of Horses to focus more on his other band, Grand Archives, who had also signed to Sub Pop.

The band’s second album, Cease to Begin, was released on October 9 2007. The band has recently moved its base of operations from Seattle to Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina

Their latest album, Infinite Arms, was released in May of 2010.

May 10, 2012


Dorian is a Spanish electro-pop band.
They were born in 2002 in Barcelona with the common necessity to develop a sound that conjugated the tradition of the Spanish pop with contemporary electronic music.
The members are: Mark (voice, guitar, programmings) Belly (piano, keyboard, programmings) Bart (bass) Jordi (drums).
Up to 2007 they have published 2 works: “10.000 MetrĂ³polis”(2004) and “El futuro no es de nadie”(2006).
Their lyrics are full of simple and combative poetry that perfectly marries with electronic melodies with an indie touch.

May 5, 2012


The Gabe Dixon Band is a three-piece band that was formed in the fall of 1998 at the University of Miami. Their music is piano-driven rock akin to Ben Folds Five with a more serious tone, Jackson Browne and early 70s Elton John. The band worked with producer/engineer Eddie Kramer on their independently released debut album, More Than It Would Seem, in 1999. They relocated to New York City after graduation and were signed to Reprise by David Kahne. After Dixon respectfully declined the keyboard position on the Paul McCartney world tour to instead focus on production of the band’s major label debut, On A Rolling Ball was released in 2002.

Their song “All Will Be Well” off of the 2005 EP Live at World Cafe rose to moderate prominence when it was used in promos for the NBC show Conviction.
The band released their debut album for Fantasy Records, The Gabe Dixon Band, in August 2008. In its initial days of release, it has received praise from the music press and fellow artists. The band toured the United States from Aug 2008 through Nov 2008 with native New Yorker turned Canadian resident, newcomer Justin Nozuka.
The song Find My Way was the opening track to the film The Proposal (2009) starring Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds.
Gabe Dixon is also currently a member of the band Supertramp (as of Fall, 2010).
Gabe’s solo album, One Spark, will be released on August 23, 2011. The album is produced by Marshall Altman and will feature a duet with Alison Krauss.