Apr 30, 2012


The Phenomenal Handclap Band is a tight-knit aggregation of musicians and artists from Lower Manhattan and Brooklyn. At the center of it is Daniel Collás, the Witch Doctor, and Sean Marquand, the Medicine Man; who, after years of searching and contemplation, through live performance and the manipulation of recorded music, have finally succeeded in assembling the personification of their holy vision: Patrick Wood, Nicholas Movshon, Luke O’Malley, Laura Marin, Quinn Luke, and Joan Tick, enhanced by the remarkable talents of Aurelio Valle, Carol C, Jaleel Bunton, Bart Davenport, Jon Spencer, and Lady Tigra, among carefully chosen others.

Together they have crafted a sound that is equal parts anthemic, dancefloor-oriented and orchestral, borrowing elements from progressive rock, disco, electro, and psychedelia.

The Phenomenal Handclap Band started when Collás and Marquand, two New York underground club DJs, became restless with the concept of playing other people’s music. Both had also been involved in the thriving nightlife scene, and had an almost encyclopedic knowledge of esoteric music ranging from Brazilian soul to vintage psych-rock, so becoming producers seemed to be the next logical step.

After working with a wide range of artists, from veteran soul acts to up-and-coming rock n’ rollers, the duo set their sights on The Phenomenal Handclap Band, a supergroup comprised of various luminaries of the indie rock and underground soul scenes. The resulting self-titled debut is the harmonious culmination of numerous diverse musical backgrounds, as well as a testament to Collás’ and Marquand’s singular musical vision.

The album begins with the meditative strains of the epic “Journey to Serra da Estrela” which erupts into a driving synthesized force, and foreshadows the arrival of “Testimony”, in which Jaleel Bunton (TV on the Radio) provides a fiery psychedelic guitar backdrop for Aurelio Valle’s (Calla) voodoo incantations. Carol C (Sí Se) lends her considerable vocal talents to “You’ll Disappear”, a cosmic disco floor-filler that sets the stage for The Lady Tigra’s (L’Trimm) jump-rope rhymes on the soon-to-be classic summer jam, “15 to 20”.

Live, The Phenomenal Handclap Band is distilled to an eight-member powerhouse, an eye-popping spectacle that overwhelms the senses. It pulses with a savage rhythm section that provides the ultimate foil for cascading guitars and electrified washes of organ and synthesizers. Their delirious sermonizing whips crowds into a charismatic frenzy. Needless to say, their live shows are more akin to a spiritual church revival than an actual rock show.

The Phenomenal Handclap Band’s self-titled debut album is being released by the acclaimed Brooklyn indie label Friendly Fire Recordings on June 23, 2009.

Apr 22, 2012


Cecil Otter is a compelling musician for the same reasons he’s good with cards. The technique runs on charm, patience, intuition, and precision.

Cecil is one of the founding members of Doomtree. As an emcee he’s admired for his lyric, cinematic style. He writes about love, vengeance, and redemption—and the spaces where the three convene. His narratives ride on his imagery: sepia flickers of loners, beauties, ghosts, and vagabonds.

As a producer, his sound is nostalgic. He features swooning guitar lines, masterful drums, vinyl crackle, and distant voices. The effect is melodic, often melancholic, and seems to draw on the sentiment of another, more romantic era.

Cecil’s fascination with rap music started when his big sister ran away from home. She left a box of rap cassettes beneath her bed, all intentionally mislabeled to prevent confiscation by her parents. Easy E with a Jon Bon Jovi sticker. N.W.A as Michael Bolton. At eight, Cecil memorized every word, intent on impressing her when she returned.

A few years later, Cecil learned to skate, went semi-pro and spent hours practicing with high school friends Stef (P.O.S.) and Johnny (Paper Tiger). Kai (MK Larada) made the occasional visit, often with a camera in hand. The same varied cast of characters began making music together—some rap, some punk, some rock—and by 2000 the name Doomtree surfaced.

Now, almost a decade later, Cecil has contributed to nearly a dozen releases in the Doomtree Records catalog. His most recent full-length, Rebel Yellow, was re-released bySage Francis for Strange Famous Records. He’s now recording his solo project, Porcelain Revolver.

Solo Projects
False Hopes 7
Rebel Yellow


Apr 20, 2012


Syracuse, New York, United States (2006 – present)
Ra Ra Riot is an indie rock band which formed in Syracuse, New York, United States in 2006. The band consists of Wes Miles (vocals, keyboards), Milo Bonacci (guitar), Matthieu Santos (bass), Rebecca Zeller (violin) and Gabriel Duquette (drums). The band’s original drummer, John Pike, died in Fairhaven, Massachusetts on June 3, 2007, drowning in Buzzards Bay shortly after a show in Providence, Rhode Island. The band continued on and released their debut full length album The Rhumb Line in 2008. The band released their second full length album, The Orchard on August 24th, 2010. In February 2012, cellist and keyboardist Alexandra Lawn left the band.


Apr 15, 2012


    Matt Hales (born January 17, 1972), better known as Aqualung, is a British singer/songwriterbest known in the United Kingdom for his song “Strange and Beautiful (I’ll Put a Spell on You)”, which was featured on a television advertisement for the new Volkswagen Beetle during the summer of 2002 and went on to become a Top 10 hit in the UK singles chart later that year.

Prior to his success as Aqualung, Hales was known as the lead singer of mid-1990s, London-based Britpop band Ruth. Ruth had a string of moderately successful hit singles, including “I Don’t Know,” “Valentine’s Day,” and “Fear of Flying,” and one album, “Harrison,” before changing their name in 2001 to The 45’s. As The 45s, the band released two more singles and one posthumous album to little attention before splitting so Hales could focus on his new endeavor as Aqualung. Almost immediately after the band’s split, “Strange and Beautiful” began climbing the British charts and gaining massive amounts of attention—a dramatic turnabout from the previous year. In 2005, Aqualung would even achieve elusive success in the United States, where they are best known for the song “Brighter Than Sunshine”, which had considerable airplay and was used in the film A Lot Like Love and various television spots. He’s also known to some for his song, “Easier to Lie”, which was featured on the hit television show, Scrubs. His music also went on to feature in another hit television show the OC. His song, “Strange and Beautiful” was also featured on the hit show CSI. Later, the song “Something To Believe In” was also featured at the ending of an episode of CSI: Miami. It was also featured in the movie “Wicker Park”. “The Lake” was also featured on the wildly popular television show Grey’s Anatomy. Aqualung has also had songs featured on One Tree Hill in various seasons. In 2009, his song “Easier to Lie” was again featured on a television show, this time Lie To Me.

It has been written that Hales took the name “Aqualung” from a Jethro Tull album of the same name. However, he himself says he was not aware of this album, and that it was descriptive of the underwater feeling he felt listening to his debut album. 

His debut single, “Strange and Beautiful (I’ll Put a spell on You)”, was released in the UK on the B-Unique label on September 16, 2002, and reached number 7 in the UK Top 40 and was used in the film Wicker Park.

The song “Something To Believe In” from the album “Memory Man” was used during the ending of the former ABC show Eli Stone premiered on Jan 31, 2008.

The song “Good Times Gonna Come” has recently been used on the show Skins on the British channel E4.

On April 20th, 2010 Aqualung released his 6th studio album Magnetic North (2010). The first single released is a song called “Fingertip”.

Apr 10, 2012


    Matt Pond PA (usually written with lowercase letters: matt pond PA) is an indie band formed in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1998 by singer/songwriter Matt Pond, along with guitarist/bassist Josh Kramer, violinist Rosie McNamara-Jones, cellist Jim Hostetter, and drummer Sean Byrne (previously of Lenola and The Twin Atlas). Matt Pond is the only remaining original member because the band had to reform when Pond moved to New York City. Their debut Deer Apartments gained them recognition in CDNow’s Unheard? competition for unsigned artists that same year.

Matt Pond PA has performed with Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, Nickel Creek, Youth Group,Mae, Keane, Guster, dios Malos, Neko Case, Straylight Run, and Liz Phair.

The band’s music has been included in the soundtrack for the FOX television program The O.C., specifically cover versions of Oasis’ “Champagne Supernova” and Neutral Milk Hotel’s “In the Aeroplane Over the Sea.”

As of late 2007, the lineup consists of Matt Pond on vocals and guitar, Dan Crowell on drums, Steve Jewett on guitar, Matthew Daniel Siskin on bass, and Chris Hansen on keyboards, guitar, and vocals.

Apr 7, 2012


Cloud Nothings is an indie rock band from Cleveland, Ohio. Dylan Baldi started Cloud Nothings as a way to amuse himself between classes at Case Western Reserve University in 2009. The first batch of Cloud Nothings songs, including the blogosphere favorite “Hey Cool Kid” (available on the 2010 compilation “Turning On”), was recorded on a computer in the basement of Baldi’s home in Westlake, OH. A concert promoter who invited Cloud Nothings to play a gig in New York City in December 2009 prompted Baldi to hastily assemble a real band and drop out of college to focus on his music full-time.Baldi recorded the second Cloud Nothings album (2010’s Self Titled) in Baltimore with producer Chester Gwazda.The Cloud Nothings third album, Attack On Memory, was released in January 2012. It was the first album in 2012 to receive “Best New Music” status on Pitchfork.com.

Myspace page - http://www.myspace.com/cloudnothings

Apr 2, 2012


São Paulo, Brasil (1989 - present)

Kleber Gomes Cavalcante (1975), better known by stage names like Criolo Doido or Criolo, is a Brazilian singer of rap and soul.

Criolo began rapping in 1989, and until the early 2000 was almost unknown. In 2006, he released his first studio album, entitled ‘Ainda há tempo’ and founded the Rinha dos MC’s, a place where there are weekly shows, graffiti and photography exhibitions and freestyle. 

In 2008, won the “Song of the Year” and “Person of the Year” in the fourth edition of the event “O Rap é compromise.”

To celebrate his twenty year career, he recorded a live DVD in the Rinha dos MC’s, which was released in 2010, called Criolo Doido Live in SP.