LAUTMUSIK (“loud music”, in German) was formed in the Fall of 2006 in Porto Alegre, Brazil. Mainly influenced by 80s post-punk and 90s guitar rock and shoegaze, its music does not fit, however, into either of these categories, as it ambitions solely to reflect band members’ diverse musical taste and life experiences.

Self-produced debut 6-track EP, Black Clouds with Silver Linings, was recorded independently in Porto Alegre and released in December, 2007 and The 4-track EP A Week Of Mondays was recorded independently in Porto Alegre in July, 2008. Produced by Lautmusik and Eduardo Suwa; cover art by Rodrigo Prati.
Lautmusik's first and second EPs, Black Clouds With Silver Linings (2007) and A Week of Mondays (2008)


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