How to Dress Well is the alias of Tom Krell, creator of narcotized, lo-fi R&B. In October 2009, Krell started posting batches of his clouded tunes to his blog. 

They’re marked by his high voice; piercing and fragile like the rest of his music. Late 2010, his debut album Love Remains was released via Lefse/Tri Angle Records. On July 12, he released an EP titled Just Once via Love Letters Ink comprised of 4 orchestral versions of 

One Thirty BPM just got back from a remarkable set from soulful R&B sensation How To Dress Well, aka Tom Krell, and got an interesting bit of information dropped at the show. Krell announced to the adoring Echo Park audience that the follow-up to last year’s Love Remains will be arriving sooner rather than later, with the album already underway and a release planned for the fall.

Krell noted that he has about “twenty songs already recorded” and plans on recording a number more. This was the first time he had been to L.A. since he was ten years old, and if things pan-out like we think they will, it won’t be his last. Look for a full review with photos next week, and get excited for yet another album to anticipate in 2011.HTDW tracks - a one-time-only approach to HTDW’s sound.


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