Stereo Maracanã is a capoeira eletrofunk music band from Rio de Janeiro, formed at 2002, their first record was “Combatente”, witch was famous for it’s live performances at Rio de Janeiro communities inside a bus with a stage in it, made by the band members and his record label, Maianga.

The sound of Stereo Maracanã is a mix of capoeira, hip hop and electronics sequencers and drums, appreciated by Brazilians and all people around the world.

Some of Stereo Maracanã music’s was selected by a various number of Brazilian compilations, and one of most famous was “Freestyle Love”, included at a compilation named “Brazilians Beats 5”, from a England record label Mr Bongo, open the Europe outboarders to Stereo Maracanã musicians, who was played in the most famous music festivals at Brasil.

In 2007 Stereo Maracanã was invited to performance at           Popkomm in Berlim, Deutschland, after this they played at Brazilian movie festival at Paris, France, and Bruxelas, Belgica.

After they disposed some tracks in the band website made many of gigs in Brasil, and begin to work at the new album named “Mentalidade Safari” now they are preparing a new performance on a Europe gig in 2010.

The band is:

Alexandre Rodrigues aka Jovem Cerebral – Lead Singer
Bruno Pé de Boi – Percussion
Maurício Pacheco – Musical producer
Ruvício Santos – Drummer


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