Chico Science & Nação Zumbi (CSNZ) was the former name of the Brazillian band led by Chico Science prior to his death on February 2, 1997. The remaining musicians continued on under the name Nação Zumbi.

CSNZ released two albums by the time of Chico’s death, Da Lama ao Caos (From Mud to Chaos) in 1994 and Afrociberdelia in 1996. Both were critically acclaimed. 

The band was the major name in the fertile musical scene in the Brazillian city of Recife by the 90’s. Together with the Mundo Livre S/A band, they were the main voices of the Manguebeat movement.

The band integrants were:

* Chico Science - Vocals
* Alexandre Dengue - Bass
* Lúcio Maia - Guitar
* Canhoto - Percussion
* Gira - Percussion
* Jorge du Peixe - Percussion
* Gilmar Bola Oito - Percussion
* Toca Ogam - Percussion
* Pupilo - Drums


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