The third album of Funkalister has arrived!
On the two previous studio albums (Vol.1 & Vol.2) the identity of the ensemble was heavily influenced by 70’s classic funk and soul music, but now, with this brand new release, Vol.3, the group decided to take a step further and created a mix of sounds very well seasoned and spiced, showing maturity and great music skills.

The first track “Voando Alto 1” sounds like a 1940’s era big band with a funky rhythm section playing a dancing shuffle. The track displays the horn section of the very well known big band The Brothers Orchestra as special guests, (both of the groups played a couple of gigs together at the Ocidente Pub previously the recordings, and let me tell you, I was there and the performance on both of them was astounding!)

Imagine Maceo Parker & The All King’s Men jamming with The Orquestra Tabajara de Severino Araújo in a corner of the Bom Fim district. Great tune for starting a record. This same song makes a quick “comeback” in the very end of the album.
“Resgate Do Burro” presents the creativity and maturity of Leonardo Boff, one of the main composers of the group. On this one, his synth sounds rock the house!

The rhythm section consists on Everton Velasquez on electric bass, Cristiano Bertolucci on drums and Felipe Santos on percussion. This trio is nothing but pocket! They really did an amazing job!
Besides the basic references that the two previously albuns displayed with richness, like 70’s disco, The Meters funk, Booker T. & The MG’s soul jazz and others, on this new release, Vol.3, the group wanted to go far beyond of its main influences. A great example is the tune “Coisa De Mister”, composed by Chico Paixão (electric guitar) end Rodrigo Siervo (sax). This track sounds like a marriage of the music of João Donato and Marcos Valle spiced up with a cool and authentic Bossa Nova groove that is like a “red carpet” for Mateus Mapa shine with his flute. This song also features the amazing horn section of The Brothers Orchestra.

This new release also shows the strong unit that is formed by the sepet, plus special guests, like Huberto “Boquinha” Martins e Williams Rocha on trombones, Joca Ribeiro e Jorginho  on trumpets and Diego Silveira on vibraphone. If Vol.1 and Vol.2 are like a comprise of improvisations, a collection of good jams and a huge get together of fellow musicians making groovy instrumental tunes just for fun, the album Vol.3 displays a more cohesive and strong unit, especially by keeping the same rhythm section throughout the whole album.

I still could mention a couple of more tracks, like “Tema Para Niki Lauda”, with reminisces me of an alternative version of “Theme Of Victory”, and the irresistible groove of “Atraso Verdade”, a natural hit. The track “De Bico Fechado” displays the sheer power and creative consistency of bassist extraordinaire Everton Velasquez. And last but not least, “Detetive Silas”, in my opinion, the “pop” song of the record, showing the different directions that the band should embark in the years to come.
After enjoying this amazing album, I can’t wait to go to the next gig to have a great time listening to these guys. Long life to the FUNKALISTER crew!

PAULO MOREIRA – Journalist and radio presenter


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