What kind of band releases a Christmas album before they even release a regular album?

One that is playing by its own rules.

Kevin and The Octaves is the musical brainchild of two Cincinnatians, Jamie Mandel and Eric Tuffendsam. Both enjoyed previous success playing pop punk, Mandel with The Scrubs and Tuffendsam with Curbsquirrels. Mandel runs Nice Guy Records and Tuffendsam runs Moonlight Studios, and Kevin and The Octaves began as more of a studio band, recording music for placement in TV, film and advertising. As they found success with this, becoming a “real” band followed naturally.

“How this band began is an advantage, because we’ve never been hung up on typical band things. We feel like we we can put our influences proudly on display and make music across a wide spectrum of sounds, without worrying about what the music critics think, how many cover songs we do, or how similar or dis-similar the songs are to one another,” says Mandel.

The music of Kevin and The Octaves has appeared in movie trailers for CHICKEN LITTLE, KNOCKED UP, WE OWN THE NIGHT, WINNING SEASON, and BACHELOR PARTY 2, in the video games THE BIGS 2 and DON KING’S PRIZE FIGHTER, and on television in BURN NOTICE, ONE TREE HILL, HUGE, and Lifetime’s WILL YOU MERRY ME.

Kevin and The Octaves released their first full length album, HANG YOUR STOCKING START THE ROCKING, on Nice Guy Records in October 2008. The song “Jingle Bells” was in the upcoming TV movie WILL YOU MERRY ME on the Lifetime Network. It’s a punk rock Christmas album that will last. 11 traditional holiday songs and 1 original (Christmas Without You), the arrangements are fun, punky, and well-produced. There is enough variety to keep things interesting, and the band takes risks (like changing the melody of Deck The Halls completely) on this album and succeeds, breathing new life into some old favorites. A definite must-have for the holiday season.

The band followed this in 2009 with the release of SMASH THE CLASSICS, their energetic take on recognizable classical tunes. 2010 sees the first release of Kevin and The Octaves originals, an EP entitled GUILE.


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