Manifesto against censorship and freedom of expression

Manifesto against censorship and freedom of expression

Porto Alegre, August 2, 2011

I, Antonio Carlos Crocco, Crocco Tonho stage name, and a resident of the Brazilian city of Porto Alegre / RS'm being sued by an action on the Justice Department sent on behalf of former President of the Legislative Assembly of Rio Grande do Sul and Current Congressman PDT GIOVANI Cherin for crimes against honor.
The preliminary hearing will take place on August 22, 2011, Monday at 15h in the Central Forum of Porto Alegre / RS.

Explaining the situation:
On December 21, 2010, 36 state representatives voted for an increase of 73% of their own salaries.
The replacement of Bill 352/2010, raised the salaries of parliamentarians to R $ 11,564.76 R $ 20,042.34.
In less than 24 hours could write and record the video protest "Gang Headquarters" which has received over 37,000 views on YouTube and is available for download on
For those who did not, here's a link

The assembly, at the time represented by Mr. Cherin GIOVANI forwarded to prosecutors representation of illegality, calling action, in which I was summoned and charged with CRIMES AGAINST HONOR.
Article 138, 139 and 140 of the penal code stipulates a sentence of 1 month to 2 years' imprisonment.

This action would not be a form of censorship to freedom of expression?
There would be the honorable Representative or to whom he represented acting truculent?
Are we going back to the times of dictatorship?
Could it be that we are a democracy?

My real fear is that a precedent curbing the political rally, especially those who use peaceful means and art as a form of expression.
I would greatly appreciate the support and mobilization of those who agree with this philosophy. Not only the artistic but all people who share this vision.

Transfer and disclose this manifesto.
Send your message to or / tonhocrocco to disclose the site and all social networks.


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